Top 5 Ways to Accelerate your Job Search: #1 Define & Communicate your Brand


What do you think of when you hear the word “Brand”? Perhaps Nike with their infamous “swoosh” mark and the “Just Do It” tag line.

Did you know that YOU are a brand? Yes, that is correct. You are a brand!

A brand is a product, service or concept that is distinguished from others, so it can be easily communicated and marketed. You’re a product. You want to distinguish yourself from others. You do this through communicating and marketing your unique strengths.

Solid branding exercises will help you to identify and communicate your strengths and communicate what makes you stand apart from others. Your branding messages will be delivered verbally when you meet people in networking sessions and job interviews. They will also be delivered in written form through networking letters, resumes and cover letters. A clear, consistent brand communication platform will help you share with everyone what makes you great and why you’re better than everyone else.

If you’re not communicating your strengths and why you’re better than everyone else (your brand message), you may have a harder time securing job interviews and ultimately landing the job of your dreams.

A good career coach should spend time up front helping you articulate your strengths and what makes you unique from others. This information will be used throughout everything you work together on, from resumes to interview preparation.

Take time today to discover your strengths, pinpoint what makes you different and why an employer should hire you. Ensure this information is woven into your networking letters, your resume and your interview strategy.

You are special. You’re unique. And everyone needs to know about it.

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