Job Search & Executive Resume Writing Success Stories

Testimonials of Executive Resume Writing Success Stories

Below are actual testimonials from real executive resume writing clients, sharing job search and executive resume writing success stories.

Rebecca provides executive resume writing services to executives including Directors, VPs, CEOs, General Managers, Executive Directors, and more. Please see Rebecca’s LinkedIn page for more job search and executive resume writing success stories.

Karen Briggs-Director, Operations_Client of Dream Life Team

Karen Briggs

Director, Operations

I totally recommend working with Rebecca – the coaching, resume and LinkedIn development was worthwhile. In fact, I’d say it was a solid investment in my career. Rebecca helped me to quickly get moving in the right direction, and land a great job in a little over four weeks into my job search.

I am so glad I worked with Rebecca for coaching and for my resume and LinkedIn! First we went through a full Career Discovery Coaching package – I had thought I had wanted to stay within my field, but I was not entirely sure what the correct next step should be – after we worked together, I gained clarity and felt confident of the direction I was heading in.

We then worked on my resume. She really listened and took the time to understand my background and develop my brand. She then packaged it all together, effectively marketing me for the jobs I wanted to be considered for.

I applied to only three jobs. The feedback I received is that I had a fantastic background, and they were very impressed with my resume. The interview process took about 4 weeks, and I’m happy to say I received an offer for a job I’m truly excited about.

William J. Moore Global Business Director_Client of Dream Life Team

William J. Moore

Global Business Director

Rebecca took my “good” resume to a new level and created an amazing resume and LinkedIn profile which really helped me stand out. I received 6 interviews within a week, and a job offer within 4 weeks. I had heard that she regularly gets these kinds of results with clients, and now I’ve seen it with my own eyes, as I received these results as well.

I worked with Rebecca to update my Resume and LinkedIn profile. I felt like it was in pretty good shape to begin with, but wanted to take it to another level. I was kind of skeptical at first but thought, why not, let’s give it a try. Rebecca took time to get to know me and my unique strengths and abilities. She asked a lot of questions which got down to how I approach problems, and ultimately what makes me unique and different.

She then produced a resume and LinkedIn profile that truly amazed me. The formatting was visually appealing and “popped” for hiring managers. She captured my unique abilities in the summary section quite well, which I feel made me stand out. Rebecca also updated my LinkedIn profile. She optimized the summary and keywords very well, which made me much more visible to recruiters.

As a result, I noticed an immediate uptick on my profile views of 20%. Within a week, I landed 6 interviews. Within 4 weeks, I received and accepted a job offer.

I highly recommend Rebecca’s abilities as a resume and LinkedIn profile. I’ve been telling friends that they need to work with Rebecca, and that is my advice to anyone who wants to get noticed and get hired.”

Sharron Gustafson Senior Project Manager_Client of Dream Life Team

Sharron Gustafson

Senior Project Manager

My job search got moving immediately – and I had not even taken action yet!”

Within two weeks of getting my new resume and LinkedIn profile from Rebecca, I landed an interview! Mind you, I had not yet taken any action on my job search. I didn’t reach out to my network and I didn’t apply to any jobs. They found me through a posted resume and my LinkedIn profile and thought enough of me to reach out directly.

They loved my background and my resume (as did my husband), and after several rounds of interviews I landed the offer. I found it easy to talk about my strengths in the interview as Rebecca had clarified them for me on the resume.

I found Rebecca easy to work with – she is encouraging and respectful with her clients – I’d even consider her a friend and an ally - a person who was cheering me on during my search. She has a natural ability to bring out a person’s brand on paper – she knows how to make her clients look like “rock stars” so the hiring manager “gets them” and can see their value.

I strongly recommend Rebecca’s services and consider them of high value for any executive wanting to accelerate their job search. My job search got moving immediately – and I had not even taken action yet! How wonderful is that?

Douglas Roof CFO_Client of Dream Life Team

Douglas Roof


Rebecca took my resume to an entirely new level. I voluntarily left my job at the end of June. I had thought my resume was in good shape to begin with, so I was hesitant to work with Rebecca. I talked to others who worked with Rebecca and they assured me her services made a big enough difference in taking their resume from “good to great” – and that it was worth every penny. Needless to say, I was happy by the transformation of my resume and LinkedIn profile, and it was definitely a solid investment and worth it. I especially liked the Summary section and the Challenge section of my resume.

My advice to those considering working with Rebecca - it is definitely worth having her revise your resume – even if you think it’s “good.” She will take it to another level and turn it into a document that sells you and lands an offer. She will bring out your personality and strengths in the resume, and create an eye-appealing format.

Tim Ulshafer VP Sales_Client of Dream Life Team

Tim Ulshafer

VP Sales

I wish I had known Rebecca when I was first let go. After the resume was re-done, I was stunned. It showcased my strengths and highlighted the unique attributes I could bring as a VP of Sales. I immediately noticed that I was getting many more profile views on LinkedIn. The following week, I received 6 interviews, and within one more week, I received a job offer.

I was laid off from my job in November 2015. I had never really looked for a job before so I wasn’t sure what to do. I had one interview early on with a recruiting company and was then told the firm did not have a budget for the position. Over the next 6 months I had an interview here and there.

I attended networking groups and was told to “Network!” I did not find this very effective as I found it hard to communicate what I did.

At a networking meeting, I met Rebecca Bosl who is a Career Coach / Resume Writer / Job Search Strategist. That week, we had an initial strategy session over the phone. We talked about the challenges I faced, and she offered tailored solutions for my needs. We had a pleasant conversation and I never felt like I was pushed into anything.

While I was clear on the new role I wanted, I had decided to work with her on re-vamping my resume and LinkedIn profile first. My old resume and LinkedIn profile communicated what I did but did not seem to make me stand out.

After the resume was re-done, I was stunned. It showcased my strengths and highlighted the unique attributes I could bring as a VP of Sales. It was also formatted in a way that really seemed to “pop” and grab the attention of the person reading it. I was beyond pleased, and so was my wife. My reaction was, “I wish I had known Rebecca when I was first let go.”

I immediately noticed that I was getting many more profile views on LinkedIn. The following week, I received 6 interviews, and within one more week, I received a job offer.

I landed a new position as Director of Sales at a company within one week, and was able to start soon after I received the offer. I am very happy in my new position. I still get calls daily from recruiters because of my new LinkedIn profile, so I have been able to refer jobs to friends.

She is able to understand your strengths and articulate them on paper, so that you come across as a strong candidate. Also, she selects the correct keywords for your LinkedIn profile so that recruiters can find you for relevant positions.

Even if you have not had any hardly any calls for interviews, she is able to get your job search moving immediately.

I highly recommend Rebecca for those in transition, and have referred her to others who I know who are between jobs so that they can take advantage of her capabilities.

Vicki Lynch Head, HR IT_Client of Dream Life Team

Vicki Lynch

Head, HR IT

Working with Rebecca was absolutely the best investment I’ve made in my career. I landed the interview from the company that eventually hired me within 4 weeks of receiving my resume.

I found tremendous value in working with Rebecca on my resume, LinkedIn profile and job search. Her assistance helped me to achieve my goals faster.

Rebecca developed an insightful resume that communicated my skill set and value in a compelling way. She also optimized my LinkedIn profile to share my brand with prospective employers.

Next, I contracted with Rebecca on a “done for you” job search campaign. Rebecca put together lists of potential targets based upon my preferences; from there I selected my top 20 companies. She then tracked down the hiring manager name and contact email, and crafted a value proposition letter. From this, I spoke with three companies all within several weeks. I landed a great offer from a company I’m excited to work for, and they contacted me within a week or two of reaching out to them.

I highly recommend working with Rebecca – if you’re a busy executive and you don’t have much time to devote to your search, she can do it all for you, and help you land much faster.