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Executive Resume Writing Services & Career Coaching

Please contact Rebecca for assistance with executive resume writing services and career coaching, LinkedIn, LinkedIn profiles, personal branding, and job search coaching. With an office in Cleveland, OH, Rebecca assists clients across the United States.

Contact Rebecca Bosl at or fill out the form below:

True Story: Many of my clients have never worked with an Executive Resume Writing Service before. You can learn more about my processes on the FAQ page on this site. I try to make the entire process easy and hassle-free. I do not require any forms to be filled out as I gather the information I need from your previous resume and from a 90-minute telephone intake session.

During the intake session, I will ask questions to bring out more context, and we will have a mini personal branding session. I then re-write a custom Executive Resume that conveys your value, personal brand, and accomplishments. You will work directly with me from start to finish.

Many clients state that working with me to develop their career marketing materials is the best investment they have made in their career. If you have never worked with an Executive Resume Writing Service before, you will be amazed!

Most Executive Resume Writing services clients also want a LinkedIn profile. Roughly 85% of recruiters will check out candidates on LinkedIn before asking to see a resume. Plus, recruiters search LinkedIn using keywords to try to find candidates for positions they need to fill. We will work together to optimize your profile to have the right keywords so you’re found, and to be engage readers once they get to your page.

Other popular writing services include cover letters, networking resumes, board resumes, and executive biographies. Cover letters are a must with every resume submission. Networking resumes are helpful during an executive job search. Board resumes are useful when seeking a board position. Biographies are useful to provide an overview and are use as website copy and with speaking engagements and conferences, for example.

Coaching services include career discovery, career transition, personal branding, and job search. Career coaching can cast a wide net through detailed assessments; or it can be as simple as a one-hour brainstorming session.