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Resume Development

7 ways to transform your Executive Resume from good to great

  As published in Forbes magazine. As an executive resume writer, I often work with executives who want to take their resume from “good” to “great” so they can accelerate their job search. In applying for a job, thousands may be competing with you for the honor of being the one candidate to receive a…

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Land Your Next Executive Job In As Little as 4 Weeks

  As previously published in Forbes Magazine These days, many executives find that a job search is not only difficult to conduct but a lengthy, time-involved process. As time draws on, they may even find themselves in an unproductive, stagnant job search. Or, perhaps they are landing interviews, but for some reason, not sealing the…

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10 reasons why brilliant people launch ineffective job search campaigns

  I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to meet with some very brilliant people in my Career Coaching practice. I’m amazed by their knowledge, their accomplishments, and the truly incredible persons that they are. Many of these brilliant people are experts in their field, yet for one reason or another, never really had the opportunity to…

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It’s a Secret – the #1 Way to Create a Resume that Gets Immediate Results

  As a former Market Research / Competitive Intelligence professional now turned Resume Writer and Career Coach, I’m wired to look at products, companies and now people with the ability to pinpoint their unique strengths and selling points – or what is known as their “unique selling proposition” (USP) – and communicate this to employers.…

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Secrets of a 4-week Job Search #1 – Do you have a clear job target?

Today’s topic is the importance of a clear job target in a fast job search. I’m surprised at how often I see others’ resumes that either have no job target or an unclear job target.  Either the job target is completely missing, or it is extremely vague as in “Business Executive.” When I follow up…

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Six Reasons Why You Must Keep Your Resume Up-To-Date

  As published in Forbes Magazine: Should you take the time to keep your resume and LinkedIn profile updated? If you don’t, you’re taking a reactive approach to life. If you do, you’ll be proactively ready to set goals, become an expert and to pursue side consulting gigs and full-time opportunities. Below are some of…

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