Executive Coaching Services

Executive Coaching Packages

Become a sought-after leader whom others love to follow.

Become your best self and live your dream life.


As an Executive Coach, Resume Writer and Branding Strategist, Rebecca is an expert in helping top performers and rising stars assess themselves and develop a learning agenda to identify blind spots, bolster weak areas, grow in areas of strength, and discover and live out passions.

Even if you have never seen progress in these areas, Rebecca can help you reach your performance and leadership goals.

What sets our executive coaching services apart:

Wide Breadth of Coaching Competencies: With training in a wide range of coaching topics, Rebecca can ensure that you achieve your goals. Her coaching spans personal branding, leadership development, performance improvement, career clarity, passions identification, work-life balance, joining executive boards, retirement businesses, and retirement life planning. Rebecca will help you become the BEST version of yourself.

Highly Educated & Experienced: With 16 certifications and counting, Rebecca is one of the most certified career professionals in the world and an ICF-certified coach (ACC). She also holds two master’s degrees (MLS and MBA), with 20+ years of experience in corporate branding, market research, and mid-market due diligence for M&A (buy-side research on acquisitions). She is a proud alumna of Ernst & Young and has run a successful executive career business since 2016.

Holistic View: When working on yourself and mapping out your future, Rebecca takes into consideration your dreams, passions, values, traits, competencies, and restraints.

Elite Assessment Tools: Assessments can help to clarify and accelerate the coaching process. Some of the tools used in coaching are the Harrison Leadership Assessment, the Workplace Big5 Profile, DISC, the MBTI, the Strong Interest Inventory, and proprietary exercises on passions, values, and career likes/dislikes.

Do you find yourself saying:

I would like to become a more sought-after, likeable leader, but I’m not sure what to change.

I’d love to know whether I have any blind spots and become my best self, but I’m not sure where to start.

I want to continue to advance in my career and join a board, but I need a roadmap to get there.

I’d like to learn more about my personal brand and become an influencer and SME in my field.

Financially, I am ready for retirement, but I need a roadmap to design a fulfilling life.

I work with:

Leaders who want to advance professionally and elevate their performance.

VPs and C-suite executives seeking to join boards.

Leaders who want a career or retirement roadmap.

Overachievers who need to create a more balanced life.

My Coaching Methodology:

You work and communicate directly with Rebecca Bosl throughout your coaching journey.

DURATION: 6, 50-minute sessions over a 3-month period (longer engagements in 3-month increments). Between sessions, we may agree upon customized homework. Email support is provided between sessions.

CO-CREATED AGREEMENT: We co-create our coaching agreement, including discussing the challenges, topics, learning agenda, and duration of our engagement.

BASELINE ASSESSMENT: Depending on the topics we will cover, we can leverage different assessments to get a present baseline. Assessments may include the Harrison Leadership Assessment, the WorkPlace Big 5, 360Reach, StrengthsFinder, DISC, the Strong Interest Inventory, the MBTI, Passions/Values, and other tools.

STRATEGIC AGENDA: We will develop a strategy to allow you to achieve your goals and co-create a learning agenda.

COACHING & TRAINING: Through coaching, you can expect to get unstuck and move forward. At times, as needed, I may also provide training, consulting, and strategic insights.

POST-ASSESSMENT: After our work together, we will reassess where you are to ensure we have reached your goals.

ONGOING COACHING: Coaching can help with ongoing challenges and continued learning. After your initial goals are reached, new goals can be set, or a monthly retainer can be established to talk through challenges as they arise.

Executive Coaching Topics & Description of Services

Onboarding – Success in a New Role (First 90 Days):

In this coaching topic, we will cover defining success, and building strong relationships with your new manager, colleagues, direct reports, and overall team. We also discuss fitting into the corporate culture, getting to know key players, avoiding landmines, and overall development.

Leadership Development Coaching:

We leverage the DISC Leadership Assessment tool, the Workplace Big 5 assessment, and the 360Reach tool to identify your strengths and weaknesses pertaining to leadership ability. We will then create a learning agenda to help you grow to become a respected, liked, and sought-after leader. Let me help you to become the kind of leader others want to follow.

Various topics include: Emerging Leader Training and Coaching, Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Behavior Change, Employee Engagement, Leading Upwards, Network Building, Communication, Influence, Delegation, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Critical Thinking Skills, Time Management, Professional Presence, Career Development, Collaboration, Customer Service, Strategic Planning, Leading Change, and other topics as needed.

Personal Brand Coaching:

Identify your strengths and what sets you apart from others. Your signature strengths inform your online presence, career marketing documents, and content strategy. We will leverage the 360Reach assessment and others to determine how you and others perceive yourself and decide how you want to be perceived in the future. If need be, we can also discuss “imposter syndrome” and ensure that you “own” your strengths. Let me help you become a subject matter expert and influencer in your industry or job role!

Performance Improvement:

In enhancing performance, you may already have an idea of areas you want to improve in your life. While we can work on those, we will also do a 360-degree survey to help you identify blind spots to work on. The Harrison Leadership Assessment tool can also be used. We will create a learning agenda to help you improve in your areas of interest. Let me help you become your best self.

Passions Identification:

We all have multiple passions in life. Some are career-related, some are not. By becoming more aware of our passions, we can live them out more fully. Embracing your passions might mean that you adjust your career or pivot in a new direction. It might also mean making time for activities outside of work. Passions identification may potentially feed into work-life balance coaching, career clarity coaching, or retirement life planning. Let me help you to identify and live your dream life.

Work-Life Balance:

Many high-achieving professionals find themselves working long hours with little time available for family, friends, or life passions. In work-life balance coaching, we will address the root causes of this imbalance, then follow up with a roadmap for how to build a more balanced lifestyle. Let me help you create a balanced, happy life.

Career Clarity & Retirement Coaching:

I offer a full suite of career pivot and career transition coaching packages. Click here to learn more about these programs.

Many executives have financial advisors who help them plan for retirement from a wealth perspective. However, many who retire express feeling a lack of purpose in their lives. They planned for retirement in terms of finances, but not activities or roles. Let me help you design the retirement lifestyle of your dreams so that you can live out your passions and find a sense of purpose.

For some, a happy retirement would mean starting a business doing something they enjoy. Using my passions identification exercises and other assessments, together we can brainstorm some ideas for starting a fulfilling small business.

Executive Boards:

I offer a comprehensive program for those who want to join a board of directors. Click here to learn more about these programs.