The #1 way to move your Job Search into the FAST LANE

Job seekers may be stuck in a slow job search for one or more of the following reasons:

·       They never took time to complete branding exercises and hence cannot articulate their strengths or why someone should hire them;

·       Their resume fails to highlight the candidate’s strengths and why the employer should hire this person over others.

·       They look for one job at a time, meaning if they have an interview, they stop looking for other jobs and “wait and hope” the current job will come through;

·       They have not taken time to outline their approach to interviewing, developing answers that will highlight their strengths and capabilities.

While we can help with items #1 – #4, these steps alone are not enough.

By far the #1 reason job seekers have a hard time accelerating their search is this: they spend too much time applying for jobs, and doing random ineffective networking, and not enough time on a targeted job search – and they may not even know what a targeted job search is!

I tell all of my clients to spend no more than 10% of their time applying for jobs, and 90% of their time conducting a targeted job search.

Even savvy job seekers will often tell me they think they are doing the right thing to accelerate their job search by spending 90% of their time “networking.” This is not the correct way to hasten a job search. While networking is a component of conducting a targeted job search, it is not the same thing.

§ Networking is talking to / corresponding with either people you know, or people in the know – your friends and family, and those you’ve met on the job or in your industry. The people you “network” with are your connections, and sometimes also the people you meet. The people you know may be your hair stylist, a former co-worker, your dog’s groomer, people you know in an association – but most of these people are NOT hiring managers for the jobs you want. Some may know hiring managers and some can introduce you to them – and this is the primary value of networking.

§ A Targeted Job Search means identifying companies where you’d like to work (based on personal interest, companies in desired locations, desired size, etc.), then identifying the hiring manager and making contactin the right way. The hiring manager may or may not be able to meet with you for an informational interview, and you may or may not have personal connections at the company. Either way though, you can forward your information to this person and then be on their radar screen when there is an opening. The reason why targeted job searches are so effective is that 80% of jobs are not advertised. While you’ll still want to apply for a job that you find that is advertised, you’ll also track down and reach out to the hiring manager for those positions. While networking is a good thing to do, its value lies in helping you connect with, and meet with, more hiring managers. The end game is to get in front of as many hiring managers as you can – the people who have the power to hire you.This is why the main focus in a job search needs to be on a targeted job search, which can be enabled by networking your way to hiring managers as well.

At The Dream Life Team, while we do branding exercises, resume writing and coaching, an important part of what we do is help job seekers with a targeted job search. We provide the following services for a targeted job search:

§ Conduct a 1-hour training session on targeted job search (tapping the hidden job market); includes proper way to make contact and what to avoid doing;

§ Produce lists of companies based upon geography, industry, size of company and many other criteria;

§ Research and find hiring managers along with their phone number and email address;

§ Provide templates for corresponding with your personal network and those you will reach out to in a targeted job search

Once you’re armed with the knowledge on how to conduct a targeted search, and once you have a list of companies and hiring managers – you’ll see a previously stagnant job search take off.

Clients that engage with us see job searches that are accelerated up to 50%-75%. In terms of ROI, for every month faster you get hired, for every multiple of $100K you make in salary that is $8,000 in your pocket. The investment for our services often pays $25K – $50K in salary obtained by getting hired faster.

In addition those who work with a coach find jobs 15-46% faster.

However long you’ve been in your job search, whether 1 day or 12 months – if you’d like to accelerate the search, these are the steps to take now.

What are you waiting for?  I’m here to help those ambitious leaders who want to get their job search moving – might that be you?

Warmly,  Rebecca


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