Who works with a Career Coach?

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Who works with a Career Coach?

Now that we have explored why to work with a Career / Job Search coach, who actually works with one, and when is a coach engaged?

Following is a list of those who should engage with a Career / Job Search Coach:

  • The job seeker who has been going it alone and not really getting anywhere, and finds that the outplacement provided by the company really did not meet all of his or her needs
  • The savvy manager working in a company in a downward spiral, who is aware enough to see “the writing on the wall” and wants to be proactive and develop an exit strategy
  • The newer college grad living in mom and dad’s basement who needs direction and a good job search strategy
  • The college student who wants to get ahead of the game in developing a resume and lining up internships during college years to be better positioned for a job after graduation
  • The 40 or 50-something professional who is tired of the daily grind and wonders if there is something more satisfying out there to do
  • The person who is about to retired – or newly retired – who needs to supplement his or her income in retirement, but wants to now do something they will really enjoy
  • The person who hates their job and can’t really put his or her finger on what will provide satisfaction in the career

If that sounds like you, schedule a free consultation to work with me. 

If you’re thinking of putting off working with a Career / Job Search coach, the question is:

  • Do you have 6 months of savings to live off of while you experiment with your untested job search tactics?
  • Do you want to risk settling for less when it comes to your career?
  • Do you want to spend another miserable decade in a job you don’t enjoy that is going nowhere?

My passion truly is to help people move forward into the life of their dreams.   Life is short – and there has never been a better time than NOW to take the next step.

I offer a complimentary strategy session to understand your challenges and determine if it is a good fit for us to work together.  I have openings to work with just two more individuals this month.

To schedule a session, email us at: info@dreamlifeteam.com or call 440-709-4724.

Best wishes for your success –  Rebecca Bosl

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