Executive Job Search Campaigns – DIY or outsource to a professional?

Short answer – leave it to a professional and go enjoy your time off.

As an executive, you probably have someone to do your landscaping and housekeeping, in addition to an administrative professional helping you on your job.

Yet, many executives still conduct their own job search campaigns. With very little spare time, executives may attend one or two networking meetings, look for published jobs on Indeed.com or post a resume. Spend Saturday morning looking for leads.  And yet, many wonder why the entire process can take months or even a year or more.

A targeted job search takes more time but is much more effective. In a targeted job search, you’ll be tapping the hidden job market – finding contacts, making connections and stumbling upon jobs that are not yet advertised.

Job Search campaign strategists assist leaders and executives with all facets of a targeted, accelerated job search campaign. If I can take an educated guess, you probably hate the entire process of a job search campaign – lots of writing, research and detail work. You have better things to do with your time. Aside from showing up for the interview,  job search strategists can do everything else for you. How easy is that?

The appearance of your resume and marketing documents matters – it creates a first impression. A professionally written executive resume with a targeted job search campaign leads to more interviews, better positions and a faster career transition. Ultimately, the investment in a job search campaign pays for itself many times over.  You’re in a new job, making more money, faster.

The benefits of working with me on your job search:

  • Avoid the frustrating process of conducting a job search campaign to me; I’ll take care of all of the writing, proofreading, researching and details
  • Develop a resume that sells your skills, abilities and accomplishments
  • Achieve success in securing a the position you really want without being desperate and having to settle for second best
  • Tap into the hidden job market and secure more leads and interviews
  • Orchestrate a successful, accelerated job search

Services provided – pick and choose what you need:

  • Private coaching sessions to identify ideal next move
  • Branded and Targeted Resume, customized as needed
  • LinkedIn Profile optimization
  • Value Proposition Cover letter customization for each job applied to
  • 90-day action plan development for each interview secured
  • Executive Thank You Letters
  • Reference Testimonials
  • Biography
  • Development of targeted company lists
  • Research to identify hiring manager names and emails
  • Custom Research for interviews – conduct research on interviewers, hiring manager and company
  • Executive Recruiter Distribution

The greatest part of outsourcing a job search campaign is the return on investment.

Resume and job search marketing services will bring you a return on investment (ROI) many times over the initial investment, as they help you get a new job faster. If you’re unemployed, finding a job one month faster will yield an ROI of $8,000 for a $100,000 position. If you’re going for a better job, a salary increase of $25,000 will yield an ROI of over $2,000 over a one month period. Accelerating the attainment of your next position puts a tremendous amount of money in your pocket faster.

So – leave the job search to the professionals.  Then ask – what would I rather do today?  Enjoy your weekend.

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