Top 5 Ways for your LinkedIn Profile to get noticed by recruiters

A stellar LinkedIn profile is key to being found by recruiters that are looking to fill positions.  If your profile is not optimized to be found by those searching to fill positions, it will be invisible and you won’t get calls for related positions. Here are the top 5 ways to ensure you have a…

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It’s a Secret – the #1 Way to Create a Resume that Gets Immediate Results

As a former Market Research / Competitive Intelligence professional now turned Resume Writer and Career Coach, I’m wired to look at products, companies and now people with the ability to pinpoint their unique strengths and selling points – or what is known as their “unique selling proposition” (USP) – and communicate this to employers. A…

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A Career Coach is a smart investment, not a luxury!

A Career Coach is a smart investment, not a luxury!  (Or what does putting a grill together have to do with conducting a job search?) True story.  On a Memorial Day weekend, just after graduating from college, I bought a grill.   I decided I was going to save the $100 fee to have the hardware…

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