Top 5 Ways to Accelerate your Job Search: #3 Ensure your Resume is Top Notch


You might be tempted to create or update your own resume.

We all have many things we try to do ourselves and many things we outsource, based upon our unique strengths. I make a mean chocolate chip cookie and authentic Hungarian chicken paprikas – but you’ll never see my trying to cut my own hair or fix the brakes on my car. Some things are a clear “no” on the “do it yourself” scale.

Writing a resume sometimes falls into the “I’ll try it myself first and see how it goes” category for many on the “do it yourself” scale. As a professional resume writer, I can share a few reasons why you actually may want to categorize resume writing on the clear “no” list:

  • I once decided to paint a foreclosure I bought years ago, thinking I could do it myself. I did OK with it, but not being a professional painter, there were some drips, some missed spots, and it just lacked the crispness and professionalism of being done by a professional painter. It’s not that I couldn’t paint, it’s just that I didn’t do it very often so it didn’t look even 25% as good as if a professional painter had done the job. Likewise, if you’re not trained to write resumes, and you’re not writing them on a regular basis, it’s not going to come out with the crispness and professionalism you want it to have. Despite putting in your best efforts, you may end up with an average resume that doesn’t stand out from the crowd – or worse yet – perhaps the resume has a typo or two.

Does the resume you’ve written set yourself up for success? Consider that….

  • In today’s competitive job market, your resume will need to stand out far and above the other thousands of individuals you may be competing against for your dream job.
  • Only the very highest quality resume will ensure you stand out from the masses and secure the next step – an interview.
  • Frankly, your resume needs to be rated in the top thirty of a thousand or more to get you an interview.

A superior resume and LinkedIn profile will…

  • Communicate your value. A professionally trained resume writer knows how to dig deep into your strengths and accomplishments, and accurately demonstrate your value to potential employers. It needs to communicate that you are the best person for the open position.
  • Be keyword rich. As a professional resume writer, I understand how add keywords while making it sound professional. If a computer is scanning your resume to decide if you make the cut, keyword density will be essential to your success.
  • Act as a marketing document. Too often, resumes read like a history of what a person has done, and not a forward-looking document that showcases a candidate for future employment.

In developing a resume, I’m creating a marketing document that clearly articulates your contributions, accomplishments and value proposition. I’ll personally work with you from start to finish. You’ll be proud to walk into your next interview as the person sitting across from you will see you in your best light and be able to grasp your strengths and why they should hire you.

You have much to offer to the world and it’s a good feeling to shine and be noticed for the wonderful person that you are.

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