Carla H., Regional Sales Leader

I landed a new role at a top company in my industry in just 3 months with Rebecca’s help.

After viewing my resume, recruiters, talent acquisition partners and hiring managers all made comments like, “this is one of the best resumes I have ever seen-and I have seen many.”

I had multiple recruiters reach out to me on my new LinkedIn profile and received positive comments on it.

The internal HR partner for the job I wanted saw my resume and it was so compelling that he reached out to me even though the interview process for the role had already been narrowed down to the final 3 candidates. Because the resume told my story so well, they rushed me through the interview process, and I had an offer within 3 weeks.

Thanks again, Rebecca. You really helped me believe in myself and your reworking of my resume revitalized my self-confidence by showing me how I could (and should!) be telling the story of my brand in an effective and accurate way.